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Vegas baby

Twas the night before flying, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring….

Except the New Jersey Devils!

What a way to get ready for vacation. A massive shootout win against the Nashville Predators where Keith Kinkaid stood on his head and helped get his team a win.

Flying out to LA tomorrow morning from Melbourne, Australia, I’m extremely keen to get the 14 and a half hour flight over with so I can start the drive to Las Vegas and settle in for an epic road trip with my dad, and watch some hockey along the way.

All packed and ready to go, tonight will feel like I’m a little kid on Christmas eve where I’m so full of excitement I won’t be able to sleep. Probably a good thing too, so I can fall asleep on the plane before I have to drive 5 hours.

See all you Devils fans out there on the road!

USA 2018

I’m travelling to the USA from March 12 to April 19 2018, where I’ll be visiting Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Jose, and New Jersey.

I’ll be going to 10 or 11 hockey games, visiting the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Red Rock Canyon.

I’ll be posting my daily activities as I introduce my father to the USA so be sure to follow along!