A reflection of 2014 – yes it’s been a while!

So as it’s the last day of the year, I thought I would look back and reflect on the year that’s been, and some thoughts on the year ahead.

I can honestly say this year has been a great one. Considering the last few years, I would be amiss in saying it wasn’t a good one, and whilst I kept myself very busy I definitely had a great time and hope to expand on this in 2015.

I crossed a few items off my bucket list:
– I finally visited Canada which was #1 on my travel destination list, which included seeing a mostly frozen Niagara Falls, visited the hockey hall of fame, and saw amazing landscapes in the Rocky Mountains
– I watched my New Jersey Devils play at home, and at Yankee stadium
– I played ice hockey (recreational games but I still did it!)
– and continued my fitness regime

I started exercising late May 2013 and I continued this through 2014 with multiple changes to my diet and I am seeing improvements to myself both in body and mind, the fact that ice hockey has motivated me to get healthy and fit so I can play it (which I finally did) is an achievement.
I will be continuing this for the rest of my life and love doing it.

I moved interstate back to Melbourne thanks to my job, making another go of it, and so far so good.
I love seeing my dad, visiting great eateries and catching up with friends and family again.

During 2014, I made new friends, and spent time with friends.
I had an absolute blast in Calgary thanks to the hospitality of my Canadian family. I can’t say thank you enough.
I hung out with A New Jersey mate and look forward to more fun times in February 2015!
I’m sad that I couldn’t share a drink with a buddy now passed and he will always be in my thoughts.

I close out the year with family and it’s the best way I can think of.

So what does 2015 hold?
I go back to work for 5 weeks then it’s back overseas for more hockey and times with Friends.
When I get back I only have 2 months until I find out if I get selected by the USA green card lottery which will change my direction in life.
I’ve just moved in to a fantastic new place and look forward to making it my new home with Jaws, because let’s be honest, I wouldn’t go through life without my best pal

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