Winter in Oz

It’s always interesting this time of year. The hockey season is almost over, football (NFL) still feels ages away, and baseball will be the only company of sports until the brutality returns.

Since the New Jersey Devils were eliminated from reaching the playoffs, hockey has not been quite as exciting, but I can’t miss the Stanley Cup Finals. The other bit of exciting hockey news is the highly anticipated results of the voting for the NHL 14 video game cover. Hopefully I get to see Marty Brodeur on the cover. It’s also special to see someone such as Jaromir Jagr play even at his age and make a difference to the Boston Bruins, just like us Devils fans put faith in to Marty Brodeur that he will have one of those nights that will change the game.

I’m only a new fan to baseball, but since my trip to New York last October and spending 3 nights at Yankee stadium and doing the tour, it opened my eyes to a sport that on the outside can look boring, but it goes so much deeper than that. The history that is ingrained in the stadium makes it feel like ghosts of history passed haunt you as you walk through the remains of the old stadium built within the new 2009 stadium. It is a very magical feeling.
Following a team such as the Yankees, I start to feel an expectation of winning; the 1990’s and even early 2000’s had such a success that even now it’s hard not be disappointed. Similar to the New Jersey Devils, when there is constant success over a long period of time, it’s hard not to come to that expectation. The Yankees started strong at the start of the season, however it appears the injuries at the start of the season are starting to take their toll. Thankfully with baseball, the season is 162 games and it’s still early days, hopefully they can turn the season around after the all-star break, and stars such as Derek Jeter and Curtis Granderson return back with a much needed punch.

Winter is great in Australia for the reason that it’s tax time which usually means a tax refund, of which I should be getting a decently large one. Which means my plans for yet another North American holiday in January 2014 should be well on it’s way to fruition come mid July. 2 weeks in Calgary, Canada, and yet another week in New York City, to visit friends, and see the New Jersey Devils face off against the New York Rangers in their first ever outdoor game at Yankee stadium.

On top of that, I’ve rejoined a gym, and working hard to being fit and healthy. It’s an exciting time, where hard and long effort will yield results I’m sure!

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