5 weeks later and more hockey has been played, more life has been lived. It”s always interesting to watch from a particular standpoint, and observing, whilst just trying to get through your own daily grind.

Starting a new job can be hectic and stressful for anybody, regardless of how good you are; although I will admit I am sure some people struggle while others excel. I”ve finally started my new federal government job, and so far I think I am doing ok. Of course the increase in salary is welcome, and the dreams of future and possibilities certainly make living more exciting again. In regards to that, I have already begun planning my next overseas holiday, this time to Canada, where I will stay with a wonderful family for several weeks, before returning to (homeland) New York City to hopefully finally see some Devils hockey at their home arena.

Being able to not have financial stress is a load off of anyone”s shoulders. Whilst I am madly spending money and catching up on things, whilst treating myself (it has been a rough couple of years and I deserve to treat myself). Knowing I am taking another holiday, slowly (finally) paying off my super sexy metal guitar, more camera lenses, and just generally being able to enjoy life a bit more really does change perspective and the ability just to live!

Passion is a major part of my life – without it I would be lifeless, bored, and not really see a point to living. It drives me in every way possible, and makes my own life interesting. I have felt that passion returning after so long of being lifeless. I feel like I am making my life enjoyable again. I love enjoying music, listening to it and now the prospect of playing it again. Having a guitar again, and going through the studies of audio production previously, have just made me feel like I could do anything, and that casino online anything is possible.
And this has flowed across all creative sides of my life – photography and ice hockey. Now you may be thinking, hockey, creative?! Well, the confidence is there just the same. It feels I am becoming more confident with my life and my passions, and what I can do. The feedback I have received from my photography has just been amazing, and every time I hit the ice I just seem to feel more comfortable and confident. I haven”t touched a guitar in years but I feel just as confident that it won”t take me long to start rocking out again.
Motorcycles are another passion of mine, and I plan on doing something about that either before I go to Canada or shortly thereafter. I miss that feeling of freedom and enjoyment that it gave me in the past.

So what does that mean for the rest of 2013? Canada, guitars, music – which I forgot to mention – I am already going to 4 or 5 concerts within 2 months! I guess when it rains it pours! More photography and photography-related purchases, playing more ice hockey and getting my skills up there, playing guitar and becoming proficient again in it, and just enjoying life with my pug.

As for the New Jersey Devils, well. Life for them at the moment ain”t so great! I wish I could be optimistic, however the current slump, the age of Marty and Moose, and our top 6 forwards not producing, I just can”t keep positive. Don”t get me wrong, I love my Devils more than anything. My fanaticism will never waiver, and I will always follow them. I just also like to believe I am a realist. I love their style of hockey, and what Lou does to the team each year to try and make them competitive. I love being in a minority and being the underdog. I just wished my team got back to their form from January when the season started! Here”s hoping the New Jersey Devils can make the playoffs and make another run for the cup like in 2011-12! Although, in all honesty, I wouldn”t be apposed to a Blackhawks/Canadiens Stanley Cup Final. The Habs have been outside the playoff race and Stanley Cup contender list for a while, and I think it would be magical. I am also happy with how the Maple Leafs have been going as of late – I do enjoy seeing the teams that have struggled in the past make a push for the playoffs.

I will try and keep with more posts in the future, life is interesting and I have so many thoughts around the place. I do hope that at times people are interested in what I have to say! Take care and catch you all on the flip side!

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