More controversy for the Devils!

Is this a goal? Whilst the video above are commentators for MSG and the New Jersey Devils, they have looked at what the league has advised, and their own opinions.

Personally, as much as I love the New Jersey Devils and Zach Parise, and whilst I do understand that since it was ruled a goal on the ice, then Toronto MUST have CONCLUSIVE evidence to reverse the decision, to me, I unfortunately have to agree with Toronto’s call on this one; let me tell you why.

Zach drives hard to the net, and is quite evidently in the blue paint. He jostles with Montoya (Islanders net minder), and then the puck goes in goal off of his skate. Once they showed the replay and in slow motion, I knew the goal was going to be reversed. Many Devils fans are upset and outraged at the no-goal ruling because there is NOT enough conclusive evidence to reverse the on-ice call of a goal. The issue I have with that opinion is that, while Zach loses his balance and falls to the ice, a fraction before any of that, his skate kicks out, driving the puck into the net. He then falls down. It almost seems too orchestrated or coincidental that he lost balance. If he lost balance at the same time his skate made contact with the puck, then I would agree, however I see his skate moving before he loses balance.

After witnessing Kovalchuk’s turnover in the defensive zone which led to the Islanders’ game winning short-handed goal, the missed call on John Tavares’ high stick on Kovalchuk after his missed slashing (and subsequently fined) call on Parise last night, and other key players having questionable games, overall it led to a very frustrating game, and the New Jersey Devils showed it.

With 3 days off, it is time for Peter DeBoer to rally his troops to come back and hopefully win against the Colorado Avalanche Wednesday evening.

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